hey hey hey!

We just finished writing a new song today! It rules. We are very very excited to be writing new songs! The process is slow, but it only means that we’re putting lots of love into it :) We have been super crazy lately. I just moved down the street from my old apartment in BK, Tom is officially starting his own screen printing business (even getting his own commercial space finally!), and we’re trying to keep our minivan alive. I feel like the summer is going by so fast, and I can’t believe Berea Fest is around the corner. I have a feeling there will be a sweet limited edition slingshot tye-dyed tank top but you never know..

Also, I’M GETTING LASIK SURGERY!!!!! Holy moly. Don’t sweat it, nerds, I’ll still wear my glasses from time to time. I can’t imagine being without them, but I’m finally happy that I won’t NEED them and get horrible migraines because of them. yeahh!!

Anyways, lots of love and bagels from BK, NY!!


Carly (and Tom P!!!)

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