Hey all!

Tom and I made a pretty big decision to quit our part time jobs and do music full time. It’s scary and risky, but it’s also incredibly exciting to live our dream. Hustle and all!

We have been working on a last minute tour, and here is our itinerary. The dates in bold are dates we need help with, so if you can help out in any way, please e-mail us at slingshotdakotabooking@gmail.com.  We will be posting the venue/event information for the other dates this week :D

  • Wednesday, October 22 BROOKLYN 
  • Thursday, October 23 PHILLY
  • Friday, October 24 PA/NJ AREA
  • Saturday, October 25 EASTON, PA
  • Sunday, October 26 PA/NJ AREA
  • Monday, October 27 ALBANY, NY
  • Tuesday, October 28 AMHERST, MA 
  • Wednesday, October 29 BOSTON, MA
  • Thursday, October 30 PORTSMOUTH, NH
  • Friday, October 31 PORTLAND, MAINE
  • Saturday, November 1 BURLINGTON, VT
  • Sunday, November 2 ROCHESTER, NY
  • Monday, November 3 BUFFALO, NY
  • Tuesday, November 4 PITTSBURGH, PA
  • Wednesday, November 5 CLEVELAND, OH
  • Thursday, November 6 COLUMBUS OH
  • Friday, November 7 INDIANA
  • Saturday, November 8 CHICAGO
  • Sunday, November 9 CHAMPAIGN IL
  • Monday, November 10 ST. LOUIS
  • Tuesday, November 11 KC MO
  • Wednesday, November 12 OKC
  • Thursday, November 13 OFF
  • Friday, November 14 FORT WORTH, TX
  • Saturday, November 15 AUSTIN, TX
  • Sunday, November 16 SAN ANTONIO, TX
  • Monday, November 17 OFF
  • Tuesday, November 18 GAINESVILLE, FL
  • Wednesday, November 19 ORLANDO, FL
  • Thursday, November 20 ATLANTA, GA
  • Friday, November 21 SC AREA
  • Saturday, November 22 COLUMBIA SC
  • Sunday, November 23 MYRTLE BEACH, SC
  • Monday, November 24 GREENVILLE NC
  • Tuesday, November 25 RICHMOND, VA
  • Wednesday, November 26 BALTIMORE, MD


Carly and Tom


Vote for Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfest 2014! | Lehigh Valley InSite

Hey everyone! 

Tom and I have been voted as contenders for Mister and Misses Oktoberfest in our hometown of Bethlehem. This contest, in the grand scheme of things, is obviously silly. But, it also takes place on the official last weekend of our jobs, so it would be super fun to go out with a bang. Please take a second to share and vote for us! You can vote once every day. Just make sure you vote for both a male and female contender, scroll to the bottom, uncheck the solicitation box and put in your email. They won’t bother you, I promise! 

Thanks so much! Voting goes until October 1st. THEN WE GO ON TOUR AT THE END OF THE MONTH! 


Carly and Tom :)

"May you make beautiful music together for the rest of your lives" was written by Tom’s Aunt in our card. I promise you we will!

"May you make beautiful music together for the rest of your lives" was written by Tom’s Aunt in our card. I promise you we will!


Tom and I got married in front of our families almost a year after we eloped in Reno on the Title Fight/Balance & Composure/Cruel Hand Tour. It was the most perfect day, just as special as the original. Here is our original wedding video (YES, VIDEO) for you to enjoy. We love each other, and we love you!

By the way, we have big news we will be sharing later in the week!


Carly and Tom


Soft Speak Records Split 7” Series


Soft Speak is releasing a split per month from September to December with great names and songs. Check out all the releases below. 

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After neglecting my “One, Two Project” for no good reason, I’m back on track. I’ll try to make up for it by posting a track every week until I’m caught up. “Supermoon” is the internalization of my emotions that have been a little haywire these days. For some reason the death of Robin Williams hit me harder than most celebrity deaths, maybe because I know so many people that are suffering from depression. The past two weeks have been full of intense high and lows, and playing this song really helped me find some kind of peace at the end. I hope you find some, too. 




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